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Spotify NYC, June 24th-25th, college and high school women.

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ByteHacks is a 24-hour hackathon on June 24th and 25th at Spotify NYC that encourages women of all ages and skillsets to form teams and create tech projects that have positive social impact.

The hackathon will have workshops, tech talks, mentors, sponsors, and free food! Whether you are a designer, entrepreneur, artist, or coder, ByteHacks welcomes you.


Who can come to the event?

ByteHacks is open to women of all ages, skillsets, and backgrounds. We want to create an educational atmosphere, so high school and college women are allowed.

Do I have to know how to code?

Nope! Our hackathon is aimed at women of ALL skill levels -- whether you've never touched a line of code or you're a seasoned veteran. We will have tons of workshops and mentors for beginners to learn.

How much does admission cost? Food?

Nothing! ByteHacks is completely free to attend. We will provide food, mentors, prizes, and moral support.

Where is it? How do I get there?

ByteHacks will be held at Spotify HQ in NYC. The address is 45 West 18th Street. We will be giving limited travel reimbursements to surrounding areas, but no flight reimbursement. Email us if travel cost is a problem.

What do I bring?

You should bring an official ID, your laptop and any materials you need, and a sleeping bag if you plan on sleeping.

Another question?

If you are interested in sponsoring ByteHacks or have a question not listed here, contact us at !

Sponsor Us

We are currently looking for some amazing sponsors to help usher in the next generation of innovative women in tech!

Check out our Info Packet for a detailed description of the event and our Sponsorship Guide for some tips on how to donate. If you are interested, contact us at and we can help you get involved!